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What Kind Of Job Is A Casino Dealer?

Along with slot games , card games such as baccarat, blackjack, and poker , and table games such as roulette are very popular among casinos.

And there are very important elements in casino card games and table games.

That is the existence of a ” casino dealer “.

It ‘s a dealer that feels quite commonplace when you ‘re enjoying a casino, but not everyone can be . To become a casino dealer, you must first acquire the specialized skills and knowledge required of a dealer. Leading casino dealers have the rules of various casino games, as well as knowledge of casino history and law, and English proficiency to accommodate customers from all over the world.

And for dealers, not only the dexterity and technique of their hands, the speed of their minds such as instantly calculating the payout of the winning player and distributing it quickly, but also the attentiveness and conversational ability to entertain the player as the “face” of the casino resort brand. Customer service and hospitality abilities such as are also required. It can be said that casino dealers are a profession that requires high specs .

To Become A Casino Dealer

To become a casino dealer, you must first learn the rules of casino games, how to proceed with the game, probability calculation, and the history and laws of casinos, and train them to practice smoothly as a dealer. You can wear this at the casino school. There are schools in Japan that train dealers, so the best shortcut is to study at such a school. It is also possible to learn work while working at “Amusement Casino” where you do not bet money, which is also available in Japan.

I want to work at a real casino, but I can’t wait for IR in Japan! For those who say, there is an option to work at an overseas casino or a cruise ship casino, but in addition to the skills as a dealer, it can be said that the hurdles are quite high, such as serving customers in a foreign language and obtaining a work permit in that country. I will.

It may seem surprising, but casino dealers don’t have to be “strong players” at all . For example, blackjack where the player’s judgment greatly affects the game result . It’s a player-versus-dealer showdown, where the dealer decides at his own discretion whether to draw the next card, while the dealer only mechanically follows the rules of the game.

That said, I’m completely familiar with the rules and game progression, and I’ve repeated the game hundreds and thousands of times, so I think it will be stronger in games where skills and judgments affect the outcome …

New Way Of Working, Live Casino Dealer

In addition to land casinos, cruise ship casinos and amusement casinos, new ways of working for casino dealers include live casinos, which are online casinos .

A live casino is an online casino where you can play on your computer or smartphone, but the actual dealer plays the game in real time behind the camera. The workplaces of casino dealers are the studios of companies that run live casino games. Major casino game companies have studios in Malta, the Philippines, Romania and more.

Netent, a major casino game provider, has released a video depicting a day of an employee dealer, so I will introduce it here. It’s a video that looks very fun and makes you want to work for a company like this!

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